Why We Are Unique

Why we are unique

Visit our Before & After page to see first-hand the beautiful smiles Dr. Seely designs for all of her patients. You can see for yourself that her results are far more than just straight teeth. When you come to our office you will receive one-on-one interaction with Dr. Seely at every appointment, and she will personally design your smile to compliment your individual features. Your smile will dazzle even you!

Choosing an orthodontist is like choosing an architect. Dr. Seely doesn't just align each arch, she details to perfection, both the bite and the esthetics of the smile. Treating to the face is what makes Dr. Seely's work stand apart.

Dr. Seely doesn't just align teeth, she treats to each individual's unique features. This includes the profile, vertical height of the upper and lower face and chin prominence, as well as lip curvature and fullness. Dr. Seely also evaluates the airway of all of her patients and plans her orthodontic treatment around maximizing or maintaining ideal airway space.  She utilizes this analysis to treat Sleep Apnea and to help prevent Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Seely has developed techniques to treat severely crowded cases without extracting teeth. The result is often a more pleasing profile and fuller lip support than cases treated with extraction. This keeps the patient's face looking younger, longer. By maintaining ideal upper and lower face height and lip support, Dr. Seely enhances younger-looking facial esthetics well into a patient's golden years.

Dr. Seely treats each orthodontic case to the individual's face. Most faces have a long side and a short side. This is usually accompanied by teeth that are canted like the face.  One of Dr. Seely's unique talents is, correcting such a slanted smile, thus minimizing the asymmetries of the face.

Dr. Seely and her staff have been working together for many years.  We are a team that creates orthodontic excellence. Each team member is highly skilled and dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in a caring and gentle manner.  We stay abreast of the latest in Orthodontic technology. We have developed numerous techniques and appliances that allow us to treat patients to the ideal esthetic result without extractions. We have also developed appliances that can enhance lower jaw growth.  This improves the profile and surgery is avoided. 

By using the latest materials and technique in orthodontics, we ensure you receive the most up-to-date treatment available.  Our office does not use stainless steel braces.  Our office utilizes flexible titanium brackets which move the teeth quickly but gently and prevent root restoration.  We also use beautiful clear, crystal braces.  They look great and are very effective.  We also offer Invisalign Treatment, which is a series of removable aligners designed to correct minor alignment problems with small incremental movements.  Dr. Seely and her team provide you with the most advanced treatment available to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality care.

Early treatment can make an invaluable difference in a person's smile, profile and overall facial balance. By having an orthodontic evaluation by age seven, we can easily determine if there are any problems and discuss when to start guiding the eruption of the teeth as well as guide growth for an improved profile. Go to our website and see our before and after photos. Adults can also experience amazing improvement to their smiles, profiles and facial balance. Treat yourself to our free examination to see how orthodontics can best serve you. Or receptionist is always happy to assist you.

Dr. Seely believes in early treatment to create room for the permanent teeth to come in and to control the vertical overlap of the teeth.  If the teeth overlap too much vertically, this overbite could hold the lower jaw back.  Normally, the lower jaw grows forward more than the upper jaw, but if there is a deep bite, the upper teeth may prevent the lower jaw from coming forward.  A bite-plate retainer reduces the vertical overlap of the teeth or overbite and allows the lower jaw to come forward.. It is amazing the changes that can occur with such a simple appliance.

Dr. Seely uses customized "Invisalign-type Retainers" after full treatment cases.  Sometimes these are active retainers but they are always made to achieve an absolutely perfect bite.  Your new smile is a work of art and it needs to be valued as such by wearing your retainers.

Smiles are a reflection of who we are. They reflect our emotions, confidence and attitudes. We understand the vital role of your smile. Orthodontic care can contribute to a lifetime of improved oral health, improved appearance, comfort and enhanced personal confidence. Individuals of all ages can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Visit our website or browse through our before and after books in the office to visualize the changes that are possible with orthodontics by Dr. Seely.

Orthodontics is like art in that every orthodontist has developed different skills and has a distinct finished look. Visit our website or browse our before and after books in the office to see the consistently beautiful smiles Dr. Seely creates for each one of her patients.