Beautiful Smile

Beautiful Smiles

Let Us Create Your Beautiful, Healthy Smile to Last a Lifetime!

Why Dr. Seely?

I have been practicing fulltime since 1980. I have been dedicated to perfecting the art of orthodontics since I started. Most of our techniques, appliances, retainers and, especially, our results are unique to our office.

We can routinely achieve excellent results on every case. How?

  • I have evaluated and studied every final case I have treated to help me determine what works and what doesn’t work for the best function and aesthetics. This is what I have routinely done every Saturday morning since I began my practice.
  • I do my treatment planning out of the office so I have plenty of time to thoroughly evaluate every case. I often do treatment simulations for added information.
  • I place the braces on every patient myself and measure the placement to within ¼ mm. I do not just use straight wires as most other offices do. Rather, all stainless steel wires are adjusted and get detail bends placed by me. This ensures a more exact result.
  • By using bends and auxiliary attachments, we can alter the placement of teeth within the lips so they fit appropriate to each patient’s face.
  • I demand a lot of my staff. My technicians know I demand more than other places they have worked, but since they are also dedicated to perfection, they enjoy the challenge.
  • I am a “non-extractionist,” which means that I can usually create space for all of your teeth no matter how crowded, so long as it adds to better facial aesthetics. I only extract if the lips are too protrusive or would become too protrusive.
  • On surgical cases, I meet with the surgeon and we review our simulations, goals, and treatment plan to the ½ mm of movement.
  • I have my own in-office lab technician. I have worked with the same technician since I started my practice and we have developed and designed many highly effective appliances and techniques together.
  • I know what treatments are effective in very early ages and I understand periodontal problems in treating adults.

And lastly, I consider myself an artist and I know how to make your smile and teeth look beautiful!

Dr. Dona Seely

  • Dr. Dona Seely - 1248 112th Ave. N.E., Bellevue, WA 98004 Phone: 425-453-7424

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