Dona M Seely Orthodontics made my braces journey go a lot more positive with a warm and welcoming environment. I felt nervous about the first few appointments but soon looked forward to my appointments just because of how excited I was to talk to my orthodontist! My Orthodontist, mentored my best outcome from my braces and perfected every detail. The fact that Dr. Dona Seely really took the time to make sure my smile is at its best, truly made me so grateful that I was going through this process here at Dona M Seely where my confidence and smile was always prioritized. I came out of Dona Seely's more confident and grateful than ever. Thank you so much for my beautiful smile.



Dr. Dona Seely offers the highest quality orthodontics in the industry bar none! With a caring gentle yet firm touch she brings her years of science and art together for all of her patients. She's one of the few doctors still practicing wire bending which allows for a faster and more precise result for that perfect smile and bite. And the support she has from her staff is top notch, especially always bright and confident Vickie. Thank you Dr. Seely for my perfect smile.

~Todd B


Whether you are a child, teenager or an adult (like me) Dr. Dona is the orthodontist for you! She is a perfectionist and will make your teeth perfect! She will work on you until she is happy with her work. Her mind is so sharp and she is a brilliant magician. Her staff is as wonderful and as knowledgeable as she is. What a wonderful place to be treated so special! Come see for yourself.



Dr. Seely has given me a smile I wasn't even sure was possible, as a kid, I had spent years in braces elsewhere and ended up with a result that was aesthetically lacking. I felt self-conscious-ugly even- and hated smiling. That wasn't supposed to happen after spending so much time in braces. Many years later, I found Dr. Seely. My time here has truly been life changing.

Dr. Seely is innovative, she listens, she cares. Her knowledge and expertise are above and beyond anything I'd experienced before. Every adjustment was meticulously done by her and resulted in a smile I had dreamed of my whole life. I highly recommend Dr. Seely to anyone wanting to improve their smile! The entire team is incredible! Thank you to each and every one of you!

-Kate A


Dr. Dona Seely and her staff have been wonderful! The treatment here has given a new life to my teeth and completely changed my face (for the better). Everybody at the office is very respectful and are flexible to the patient's needs. Thru the pandemic situation the office kept me well informed and made sure to schedule me back in when possible. They followed all the safety precautions and I felt very safe. I highly recommend Dr. Seely for any orthodontic work!

-Yogini B.


Dr. Seely and staff are friendly and efficient. Great experience with adult braces, I love my new bite!

Also, the handling of new coronavirus procedures has been professional and consistent. I feel really safe at my appointment.

-Tom L.

My overall experience as a patient of Dr. Seely was absolutely outstanding. I was blown away by the high quality of care and the remarkable results of Dr. Seely's treatment; exceeding all my expectations. My bite is improved, my jaw is aligned and I have a great smile. I could not be more pleased. Dr. Seely and her staff are amazing. I appreciated Dr. Seely's attention to detail and her incredible expertise. Every appointment was a pleasant experience for me. I was always greeted with courtesy and professionalism. I could not more highly recommend Dr. Seely.

-Alan J.

A special thanks to all of you for the last year together! It has truly been a pleasure coming into the office and being greeted by Lucy's genuine personality and beautiful smile. Dr. Seely you do amazing work! My time spent in the chair with your attention to detail and always striving for perfection, combined with Kim's humor and strong technical skills, resulted in great progress and an enjoyable experience every month. Becky helped settle me in and provided support throughout the year. The four of you together make the perfect team! I am very pleased with the results, the office environment, overall experience, and would highly recommend you to anyone.

-Phontel S.

Dr. Seely and her team were awesome! They always made me feel welcome, inviting and well taken care of before I left the office. They were very accommodating to my schedule and making any necessary last minute appointments if necessary. I am very happy with my results and wasn't sure I'd be able to correct my bite but Dr. Seely did a great job of making sure I'd get my desired results with no surgery. Thank you so much for giving me a fabulous smile!

- Ann A.

Words can't describe the whole process for me in braces! It was a long tough ride because of the complexity. Dr. Seely and her staff did INSANE amount of work, guidance and teaching me throughout the journey! The final results are beyond perfection. It's the MASTERPIECE!!! Dona-be-genius!

- Gleb K.

A huge thank you to Dr. Seely & her team for fixing my lifelong bite/pain problem, allowing me to avoid surgery! My teeth look better than they ever have! I can't say enough about Dr. Seely's level of care, expertise & professionalism. Her whole team works like a well-oiled machine. I am a high-maintenance patient, and whether I was in for a regular adjustment, popping by unexpectedly to get a wire fixed, or calling to reschedule yet another appointment, Dr. Seely and her team always made me feel like I was their most important patient! Thanks for everything!

- Susan C.

  As the third member of my family to get braces from Dr. Seely I can contest to the professional and friendly manner they treated their patients. The overall process was as described and resulted in an improved sense of confidence in my smile.

- Bob C.

I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Seely and her staff. Not only are they focused on personalized care, their attention to detail is unmatched. I have been more than happy throughout my treatment, and I highly recommend them. As for the results: let's just say they speak for themselves! If you ‘re looking for a Doctor who will provide ample personal attention and really knows what she is doing, you've come to the right place.

- Edward A.

I couldn't be more pleased with Dr.Seely & her team. I have a complicated malocclusion & I was turned away by several orthodontists who told me I needed jaw surgery. Dr. Seely was able to straighten my teeth & correct my bite. And I was able to avoid surgery! I couldn't be more pleased.

- Megan G.

You are my angel. Thank you for rescuing me. Not only are you outstanding in your field, and as Dr. Rapoport said, "You are the only one in your league," You are rare and exceptional in other qualities as well. You are a professional in every aspect. I will be thankful to you forever. I had a complex case. For several years I had suffered from an open posterior dysfunctional bite. I was in the care of specialist who knew my bite was dysfunctional but didn't understand it.

You took me under your wind with the utmost respect, compassion and kindness. You patiently made me whole again.

Dr. Seely, you truly are my angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and to all your other angels who work with you. You all saved me.

- Sincerely, Denise F

I am so thankful to Dr. Seely and crew for all the time, skill and compassion shown to me these past couple of years. You are obviously experts at what you do and you strive to do it with compassion and concern. Thanks for putting your heart and mind to work for me! I could come with confidence, your knowledge and vision could be trusted and I am in awe at how you do what you do! God Bless each of you for serving so well!

- Love, Kristi A

Thank you all for your graciousness and your talent. This is truly the most efficient and organized medical facility that I have ever experienced. Whenever I come you're always smiling and talkative, gentle, and sympathetic. I really appreciate everyone's hard work and support during the past two years. This process has given me so much confidence that I couldn't be happier with the results!

Thank you all so much for being incredible as you are.

- Liat

Thank you very much Dr. Seely for my new, beautiful smile! You and your entire staff's- Lucy, Becky and Kim- friendly, cheerful and professional manner always erased my anxiety. Dr. Seely listened to my concerns and addressed them perfectly. Her expertise and attention to detail is impressive! I never imagined my teeth would be this straight and my smile so pretty. I will definitely recommend Dr. Seely.

- Kathryn

Complete confidence in Dr. Seely. Both my daughters' orthodonture work was done by her 20 years prior and I feel very fortunate to have had the same experience and beautiful outcome. Her personal attention to detail is what sets her apart. The entire staff always exhibits a high level of professionalism with attention to detail at the same time making you comfortable. 

- Linda

Thank you so much for your outstanding service and attention to detail. It has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure to come to all my appointments. I felt valued and cared for during all my visits. The staff and team was fantastic and Dr. Seely takes it to another level with creating the perfect smile. I literally cannot stop smiling! I feel like I can stand taller and have a brand new confidence. There really are no words for how appreciative I am. Thank you!

- Florentina

Unlike most appointments; I've always enjoyed coming here as all the staff are extremely kind & create a nice, relaxing ambiance. I've never once had an issue & the practice is run very professionally. The entire staff is- from Dr. Seely to Lucy- seem to have intimate knowledge of each individual patient & their treatment plan which results in a very personal experience. The technicians are all attentive & thorough while Dr. Seely's expertise is clearly evident in my result. I am very impressed & thankful for how meticulously she operates & pays attention to every minute detail.

The work that she & the technicians have done has truly altered my life and will instill me with confidence for the remainder of it.

- Thank you all,  Michael W.

I just wanted to thank you for changing my life and make a positive difference for my future. You have always treated us very well.

By fixing my teeth, you have been able to help me gain my confidence by giving me a beautiful smile. Because of all you have done for my family and me over the years, I don't shy away from cameras and feel confident in front of a group. You are an amazing person and I'm so thankful to have you as my orthodontist and will always be grateful for the wonderful impact you have made on my life.

You are a fantastic person and I am very blessed for the wonderful things you have done for my family and me.

- Stormie

Thank you Dr. Seely and team for your great work. My experience with ortho has been superb with you. Thanks for your patience and exceptional skills. Your attention to fine details got m through braces efficiently. You have my loyalty and future referrals.

- Vi K.

I could not be more impressed with my experience here. Dr. Seely made me confident that my teeth would turn out great. The whole office is so welcoming. I truly looked forward to seeing Lacy, Lucy and everyone each time I came. Thank you so much Dr. Seely!

- Katy D.

My overall experience at Seely Orthodontics was very good. My bite is much more comfortable, and it looks better. Visits are also very pleasant. You will never be rushed out, they always take their time to do the job right.

- Terry K

I'm very happy with the service and the results. All of the staff are very nice and helpful. Dr. Seely did a great job. I love my new smile!

- Eva D.

Dr. Seely is an excellent doctor. I am very happy with her job. I will refer more family and friends to see her in the future. Again thank you so much to all of your staff.

- Lana T.

My experience has been fabulous! Everyone in the office is always so kind and gentle, but most of all, talented! If (and hopefully, for my sake, not!) I ever had to do full ortho. over again, it would be with Dona Seely and her amazing team. My bite and smile are radiant and I have you all to thank!

- Nicole V.

Great personal attention and solid communication throughout the process. Really appreciate that all appointments started on time. Friendly staff that installs confidence in the integrity of the end-to-end process.

- Kyle A.

This has been a wonderful painless experience. Your staff is awesome and I really appreciate all of the work that you guys have done. Thank you!

- Ted D.

I have been very happy with the quality of treatment that I have received during all the treatment for the correction of my bite. The procedure was completed 1 year earlier than I had expected! As soon as you enter the office you feel a very nice atmosphere with the nice, dear, friendly greeting at the front desk. The staff and Dr. Seely are very professional and friendly. I would give you 5 stars in all categories!

- Karen M.

I am very happy with the service of Dona Seely. She did a very amazing job. All personnel are very nice and I think they are the best. Thanks a lot. Before I got my braces I couldn't see my upper lip because it was too small and now after braces I can see that. I'm so happy.

- Julia D.

Dr. Seely has a great office and office staff! Appointments were always timely, prompt and mostly pleasant. I am happy to have been referred to Dr. Seely and will for sure refer others. Thank you for great work and a great experience!

- Jeff W.

Dona and her staff did a wonderful job for me. As a "middle aged" patient with typical conditions like crowns and a pending implant I was a bit conscious about what Dona could do for me. She went above and beyond what I really thought possible. A true pro, and now my boys can't call me Austin Powers anymore…the best part. Thank you Dona for your patience and professionalism. I will recommend you without hesitation.

- Ross W.

Before braces, my smile was a crooked mess. I had 2 retainers that made a difference and fixed my awful overbite. Then I got braces for a year and a half that forever changed my smile. I currently have the most amazing, beautiful smile that I could have ever hoped for.

- Katie H.

I love the office! Everyone is so kind and helpful, I really feel like they want me to have the best and most beautiful teeth I can. Also, they are always so flexible with appointments and times which helps me to fit my visits perfectly into my schedule. Thank you for being so wonderful and helping me and my teeth! I couldn't be happier.

- Nicole R.

I enjoyed this whole process to a beautiful smile! The whole staff was wonderful and understanding. I loved everything about Dr. Seely and will definitely recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you so much!

- Hannah W.

Fabulous staff! Professional and positive from the front desk personnel to all of the orthodontics specialist and Dr. Seely (of course). It is a fun place to visit as a patient which makes the whole process enjoyable.

- Karin W.

This place is awesome! All of the people here are so nice and friendly and I'm glad I had my orthodontics done here!

- Catherine S.

I am so glad Dr. Seely is my Orthodontist! All the staff here are so nice and have helped me so much through my journey with braces. Thank you Dr. Seely and staff for everything you do! I'll look forward to seeing them soon.

- Julia M.