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First Visit

Your first visit will allow us to get acquainted and to discuss your possible orthodontic needs. We may need to take a panelipse x-ray before a recommendation can be made.

We may need full orthodontic records which consist of models, a panelipse x-ray, a cephalometric x-ray (side of head), and photos.

If the airway needs to be evaluated we may need a CBCT x-ray (a 3-dimensional x-ray) in order to find out where the airway has a problem and what treatment can correct it.

If the jaw joints need to be evaluated, we may need a CBCT x-ray to thoroughly evaluate the joints for disease, wear, and dysfunction.

Many times we need to do a computerized simulation of treatment in order to determine what treatment to recommend. The skull and teeth are superimposed on the profile photo and the treatment is simulated, morphing the face. This allows the patient to see the facial changes that will occur with treatment.

If orthodontic treatment is necessary, the above records will be reviewed together and the treatment options presented at a SECOND APPOINTMENT called the TREATMENT DISCUSSION.

Patient Forms

Please take a moment to print the patient form below and fax or email it to us PRIOR to your appointment. This will help ensure that your appointment will start on time. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to provide you with prompt service.

Medical History
Notice of Privacy Practices Consent Form
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1248 112th Ave. NE | Bellevue, WA 98004 | Phone: 425-453-7424
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